05 - 12 APRIL  2020
Festival 2020 cancelled - we are very sorry and welcome you back in 2021 

The Gotland Easter Festival includes music, art and dance and lasts from Palm Sunday until Easter Sunday. The purpose of the Easter Festival: to communicate the message of Easter with different artistic expressions; the arrangements take place both in Gotland's beautiful medieval churches and in public places. Theme for Gotland Easter Festival 2020 is Crossing Borders - which is reflected in the repertoire chosen for the concerts and in the artists' works during the festival. The festival aims to bring together professional musicians, gifted amateurs, young talents and adults from Gotland and the Nordic countries. The programme includes amazing artists within music, dance and art.


Virpi Pahkinen

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When you reach the deepest state of the dance you are beyond words. The body turns into a question mark and dives into the unknown to be in dialogue with the universe- Virpi Pahkinen, one of Scandinavia's most successful solo dancers - www.pahkinen.com


Bathos percussion trio

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Bathos is a percussion trio based in Oslo, consisting of Håkon Drevland, Geir Strande Syrrist and Simen Brenden. They studied classical percussion together for 5 years, and played together in many different contexts during their education. The variety in this wide range of experiences gives them a solid base for interacting musically in an interesting way. In late 2018 they had their debut concert at the Norwegian Academy of Music. 2019 they won the chamber music competition at the Norwegian Academy of Music, 2020 they won 1 price att the national Norwegian competition for Young Musicians www.umm.no


Peter Jankert, actor and Torbjörn Grass, guitar

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The association Gotland Easter Festival with founder and leader Gisela Herb is responsable for all arrangements. 

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