Easter Festival Gotland

An annual festival of classical music, art & dance

No Easter Festival 2021

Due to the pandemic we cannot host Easter Festival Gotland as usual this year. As a substitute we will publish four "Easter eggs" on this website and our facebook page. The easter eggs contain artists of all the different art forms represented in the festival, as well as a young talent from Gotland

Stina Lindholm has worked as a sculptor and designer through her company Skulpturfabriken since 1995. She holds a Master's degree in Sculpture MFA from the Konstfackskolan in Stockholm, as well as education at the Art Academy / Tessinskolan.

Bathos is a percussion trio based in Oslo, consisting of Håkon Drevland, Geir Strande Syrrist and Simen Brenden. They studied classical percussion together for 5 years, and played together in many different contexts during their education. The variety in this wide range of experiences gives them a solid base for interacting musicially in an...

Virpi Pahkinen, one of Scandinavia's most successful solo dancers, studied classical music and figure skating before concentrating on dance. As a teenager growing up in Jyväskylä, in central Finland, she practiced figure skating on a nearby lake. "When the lake was free of snow, I could dance at night alone under the full moon... The lake was black...

The theme for 2022: "To cross borders"

Due to Covid-19, the program of 2021 has been postponed to 2022 -  Welcome!

Celebrate the Easter holiday with arts

Påskfestivalen Gotland means " Easter Festival Gotland" and is an annual celebration of classical music, art and dance. It is taking place during the Easter from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday and the purpose is to share and spread the spirit of Easter to everyone through art. 

"To cross borders"

Every year we present a new theme. Our upcoming theme will be "to cross borders". We want to create a space of reflection and community, a bridge between different forms of art as well as different people. We are gathering artists from all over Gotland, Sweden and also from abroad. Professional artists and young talents will meet and perform all over Gotland. See our program for more information. It will be updated continuously. 


Enjoy classical music performed by well-known, established artists as well as by shooting stars and the next generation of musicians. We invite musicians from all over the world to take part and to perform their work all over the island of Gotland.


Art is a very important part of our cultural growth and every year we challenge our artists to interpret our annual theme in various artforms. We arrange galleries and exhibitions at different locations around the island associated with our concerts and events.


Young and experienced dancers greats the audience on different stages around Gotland during our festival. With their movements, they interpret our current theme in their own unique way, thereby connecting the visual and the musical experience.

Read more about next years artists in our program.

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The association Gotland Easter Festival with founder and leader Gisela Herb is responsable for all arrangements.