14th - 21st of April

14th of April at 7pm:Opening concert in Dalhem church -  mixed programme with some of the artists that are performing during the week of the festival

Programme 14th of April

Free entrance

15th of April at 7pm Renaissance music with the vocal ensemble Ad Fontes in Lärbro church

Programme to be announced

Free entrance 

15th of April at 6pmprofessional musicians and young talents from Sweden and Norway 
 at Vårdklockan church, Adelsgatan 43, Visby

Programme Vårdklockan church

Entrance: 100/70

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16th of April at 6pm  Fröjel church,  professional musicians and young talents from Sweden and Norway 

Programme Fröjel church

 Free entrance

17th of April at 7pm in the Gullin Hall at the Adult Education Centre in Hemse :  professional musicians and young talents from Sweden and Norway 

Programme Hemse

Free entrance 

18th of April at 6pm Visby, Almedalsbiblioteket: Recital with young talents a.o. pianist Sebastian Iivonen, piano and tenor Martin Enger Holm, winner from the Norwegian Youth Music Competition 2019 (

Programme 18th of April

Entrance: 120/90

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19th of April, Good Friday at 12.00, St. Mary's Cathedral, Visby : collaboration between professional musicians and dancers

Free entrance 

19th of April, Good Friday at 15.00, Atlingbo church - Good Friday - Service with music - Ingrid Rodebjer, violin

Programme Good Friday

21st of April at 7pm, Visby, Almedalsbiblioteket: Glitter And Be Gay - recital with soprano Eir Inderhaug and Sebastian Iivonen, piano, performing  E. Grieg: Haugtussa and opera

Programme Glitter And Be Gay

Entrance: 150/100

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14th - 21st of April

14 of April at 15.30pm: Outside  St. Mary's Cathedral, Visby: the sculpture Dedication by Ann Wolff will be unveiled. -Speech by Reverend Mats Hermansson

14-21 of April at 13-16pm daily at Gallery Gräne, Väte

Maj Wennerdahl, Stig Alyhr, Ingrid Hamrell Mårtensson, Agneta Engström, Åsa Ardin Kedja, Marianne Korsman . 

14-21 of April at 14-17pm daily Hugrajvs 606 Gammelgarn

Mona Hellsing Troili Mona Hellsing Troili  www.  

14-22 of April at 10-17 daily at gamla Posten Fåröväg 3, Fårösund

Siri Iversen-Ejve 

18 of April - 3 of May at St. Mary's Cathedral, , Visby  Opening day, 18/4 at 15.30pm - Speech by Reverend Mats Hermansson

Staffan Laurin

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