Helena Södergren

Born and raised in northern Gotland, educated at the University of Dance in Stockholm. Helena creates and performs dance based on her own inner images and enters the state that arises through the energy of space, the elements of nature and the power of movement. Helena has participated in several projects such as Hide Artfushion, the inauguration of Gotland Art Museum and the Hanseatic Days in Visby, Poetry in motion in collaboration with the artist and poet Anette Blomberg as well as interpretations of Garcia Lorca's poetry along with pianist Jonas Lundahl. Helena have danced with the choreographer Helena Högberg on several occasions most recently as Queen of the Night in The Magic flute at the Bergman Center on Fårö.Helena has trained students in dance at the Aesthetic Program in Visby and at Gotland´s Dance Education. She is currently working at the Cultural School on Gotland.