Kult. Polina Pohozha & Natalia Popova

«Kult.» is a duo of ukranian perfomers Nataliia Popova (1996) and Polina Pohozha (1997). The main focus of duo is a popularization of academical music, improvisation and EAM.

They have been playing together since childhood and know what it means to communicate with the eyes and be one. Nataliia and Polina have been graduated as master of musical art in Musical Academy (Odesa, Ukraine), both are laureate of international and Ukranian competitions.

Nataliia has been the principal flute and solist of the Military Academy orchestra (Odesa, Ukraine), collaborated with conductors such as Vladimir Sirenko, Safet Dzhemalyadinov, Vladimir Dikiy, Marie Sandel, Bo Wannefors and so on. Now she is a phd student in Musical Academy (Odesa,Ukraine).

Polina has worked as musical teacher, pianist and photographer in Odesa. She has been member of the communities as Senza Sforzando, Orchestra Andrey Cherny and Udvoe.

She participated at international festivals such as 2D2N, Dzenzelivski vechora and Kontinent Dalsland.

As a result of the war in Ukraine, they moved to Sweden, Gotland. Now its art home and place for making concerts and music. They also have created a musical project «VARP» together with swedish musician and architector Richard Hellgren.

Contact beetween people and music, creativity and deep immersion in meanings - our system of coordination.