Tove Östling

Tove Östling, born in Malmö in 1983. She began her vocational dance training as a 15-year-old at the High school Dance Arts program in Malmö. She received her professional dance training at Scottish School of Contemporary Dance and Edinburgh's Telford College, from where she graduated as a Dance Artist. Prior to that she also spent 2 years at a pre-professional level studying pedagogy and choreography at Gotlands Dansutbildningar.

She has been working as a dance teacher in both Malmö, Stockholm and Vimmerby High School and Culture School. She has spent the last two years at Oskarshamns school of music, building up and developing a dance enterprise, but her base is in Gotland.

Tove has also been participating as a dancer and choreographer within the Medieval week for several years.

Apart from working in Oskarshamn she is also taking on freelance work and is regularly involved in different art projects in Gotland