Staffan Laurin

Visual Art

Staffan Laurin

Born in Mästerby Gotland 1948.

At the age of 14 years Staffan came to the pottery of Etelhem at Gotland, as in that time was a meeting point for artists and craft. Here he met supporters as the artists Fritz Sjöström and Tyra Lundgren who encouraged him to move to Stockholm, where he came into the Pistol - and Narren theatres making scenography.

1965 he participated at the yearly exhibition Young Drawers /Unga Tecknare at the National Museum and King Gustav lV bought his drawings.

Staffan came back to Gotland in 1988 and began as a teacher at the Gotland Art School.

There he met Helena Andreeff and they began to work abroad as for example in France, Germany (Berlin) and Turkey with street children and with young artists, in Laos in a pottery village to build up more quality and renew the kilns. Nowadays he stays some winter months at Samoa as "artist-in-residence". During all the time he has had exhibitions in different countries around the world.

Staffans art is contemporary with a very authentic and poetic touch.