Mona Hellsing Troili 

Welcome to the Art exhibition of Mona Hellsing Troili in her Studio Chambre Separée at Gammelgarn Hugrajvs 606, 62362 Katthammarsvik.

In "The Easter Festival" The Ancient Heaven´s Icons of Eternity transform into Cosmic Eggs.

2019-April- 14-21- at 14-17 daily.

Mobile nr +46(0)761-620882, mail : hellsingmona@gmail.com or https://www.oppna-ateljeer.se 

Directions : From Gammelgarn church take the little road ALONGSIDE the church. Next road choice take left. Follow the little road between the farms into open field. Hugrajvs`Farm comes on the left side of the road with a signboard. Please park in the courtyard.

                                                                                    WELCOME !