Annika Hansson


Annika was born in Tofta, Gotland. She began playing the recorder at the age of ten and was taught by Barbro Markström at Culture School Gotland . There she participated in many ensembles, such as the world music band Hurrbau 2010-2014, and the recorder ensemble Wisby Pipers playing classical music.

During 2015-2017 Annika studied at Framnäs Adult Education College , mainly with Kerstin Berglund, but also with Göran Månsson in playing folk music, and Dan Laurin. At Framnäs she was able to play both early music and contemporary music for the recorder, and she was also able to continue developing her folk music skills through collaboration with the folk music class.

2014 Annika was awarded a scholarship from Svante Pettersson's Memorial Fund and 2015 she was awarded a scholarship from Gotland´s Culture School from the Martensson Memorial Fund.